Donna Kennedy, Believe and Achieve, Mindset and Take Action

I was at the #BizExpo2016 in the Citywest and accidentally came across Donna Kennedy (@donnakennedycom) speaking on Mindset, in a corner, while I was waiting on a colleague to stop talking to a beautiful woman.  And I was glad it was a long conversation.  @donnakennedycom


I was familiar with the name Donna Kennedy, but no idea why.  What she then went on to say, other than her own story, was nothing new, as such.  But it did make me think about what was missing in my quest for independence and for the life I want, as oppose to the life I don’t want!  Apologies if I have not got the detail right:

She asked did we think we were different to the likes of Richard Branson, did we believe we could achieve? I quickly scribbled down the check list she went through (my thoughts in brackets!):

  1. Decide what you want
  3. WHY do you want it? (Ask Why? Why? until you get to your real why!)
  4. Put a Plan in place (with S.M.A.R.T. -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound, goals and objectives)
  5. Model (Who has done what you want?)
  6. Accountable (did you do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it?)
  7. Feedback (what worked, what didn’t work, what needs to be changed in the plan)
  8. MASTERMIND (this is where I realised I had a gap.  As Donna said, you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.  Since the dog is with me now, I need to look at this, but thankfully, I am rid of one person and one company).
  9. Give more than you take (help others)
  10. Show Appreciation
  11. Make a solid impact
  12. What would your results be if you were not afraid?
  13. Create Moments with people that matter (Pat took his time to get her some water, there may be a moment there!).

So thank you Donna, I needed to be reminded.  You fought through the background noise and reminded me of my path and what was missing.

By the way? BUY the book: 




The Moment when You Win!

Make a Decision to Succeed!

In thinking about what I will do to feel I am a success in business again, I am on the look out for the signposts.

I have always known that success is a decision, so when am I going to make it?

Two things have jumped out recently to remind me that I need to make that decision!

  1. Make a Decision to be a Success
    Make a Decision to be a Success

    I got an email this morning for Eric Worre, entitled  (What is the)“First Step for Network Marketing Success”? And it has a brilliant video regarding the decision to be success, well worth watching even if you have no interest in Direct Selling!

  2. I had the great pleasure recently of presenting the Kilmacud Crokes Minor B football team of 2014, with their Championship winning medals.

When we met for the first time, I asked them was this to be a social team or did they want to win something.  They told me they wanted to win.  When I asked why, they told me that they were so disappointed with losing the final in 2013, that they wanted to make up for it.  Particularly the guys who felt hard done by, that they could have won it if they ad been given the chance and let do what they could do. The season had its ups and downs, mostly it felt like I was herding cats, I kept telling them it was their team not mine.  We needed help for a few sixteen year olds to keep the team going at one stage.  Had to contend with some serious injuries and had to come back from some huge shorelines to win the quarter finals and semi finals.


Having scored huge amounts of pants and goals, our opponents kept us to a meagre scoreline of 7 points in an hour.  We had lost a great player to injury and we were 2 points down and four minutes into injury time and my son, the Captain, stepped up, 21 metres out, the line packed with young men, players between him and the goals, as his Father gathered water bottles, jackets, feeling calm, content even though it looked like we had lost, then came the whistle, the smack, the SILENCE and the roar, GOAL!

He has been asked, I have been asked, “How did he do it?”

Well, he made a decision, not the one to have a go for the last gasp goal, no the decision to try and make it as a ‘keeper its the first team earlier in the season, the decision to win that championship, with his team, his friends, his club.  It meant that much to him, that it was no surprise that “something” happened to deliver on his decision.

The Moment when You Win!
The Moment when You Win!

So I have to make the decision.  I have to focus, I have to say that all other distractions are just a part of the business plan, so that my decision to “succeed” is delivered upon!

Contact Me! If you are going to make a decision to succeed and want to join me on this journey.

By Coincidence

Draw a line, get over it and leave the baggage behind!

I am writing at the moment about the journey back to success and want to share the experience as I go along so I can help others do the same thing.Selling Solutions

In November I signed an agreement with a company, who shall, for the moment, remain nameless. A retainer plus commission arrangement, so I started to run down other work that was not making me money and ramping up the sales effort in the two short months where businesses would be distracted by the season.

The agreement reflected this ramp up period with a reduced retainer.  December was terrible, not enough money which impacted all areas of life.  So in January, I got to work and within week or so I had 50 “Deals” on the go, a nice Pipeline.  Then I started getting feedback form the client, via the team I was working with, that the client was not going to pay the retainer for January, February, March and April. “Would they be more incentivised if it was commission only, a higher rate of commission?” What a joke!

Anyway, that was that, the invoices were in and so far a mere €500 has been paid and I pulled out informing my top 50 that I was no longer involved.

Hence I wrote the posts:

By Coincidence
By Coincidence

I spent most of February clearing the decks and getting rid of inhibitors, inhibitions and those inhibiting me.  In addition to the disaster with the retainer business, there was an issue with a services supplier associated with that project and I reached the end of my tether with someone who owed me money too!

It was such a release to literally draw a line under February in the diary, paid the bills, the mortgage and relished in the support and advice of friends, peers and former colleagues.I have not completely ruled out the day job option, but being of an age, I am less attractive and of course less tolerant of bullshit!

So now I am ready to deliver my new business vision and I need help with it too! I will need projects, interim roles and support by buying some of my wares and referring me to others!

I drew the line, I got over it, I have moved on, I want to work with people who “get” me, believe in me and have the money to work with me!

What I do:

  1. I am developing online “Courses” to get the stuff in my head out about Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Network Marketing and the like!
  2. Relaunching the Weight management, Haircare, Personal Care, Skincare products and the business opportunity with you own eCommerce webshop.
  3. Continuing to deliver Selling Solutions, including Interim Management, Sales, Sales Admin, Back Office support, outsourced Marketing, Digital Marketing and Event Live streaming on the Internet.

At the moment, I am looking for people or companies that need short term or ongoing work in these latter areas, or who may be interested in the products or the business behind them, please Contact Me if you know of any opportunities.


Thank you.




Vision board 2016

6 Steps to get back to business …… or …… Enough is Enough….. Eureka! Do you have a business or just trade your time for money?

Just posted this on LinkedIN:

I have decided to let you in on a journey, the journey back to sanity and “security”! IN case it is something you want or need to do yourself!

On Jan 26, I wrote about

Stagnation, Disappointment, Amazement, Getting started again!

Some say, it was just my usual January many self!  But no, I was like that in December.  This was about saying enough is enough. That I could no longer go on in the same way.  And yes, primarily driven by a lack of money!

Now and again life says, “OK, I’ll stop kicking the shit out of you for a while”! Saturday afternoon was amazing, in a pub, drinking tea, with old friends and newer ones dropping in and an inspirational former colleague and  Sales Director (“Meet the People”!),  passing through.   A wonderful day. Sunday, a nice bit of DubStars GAA in One’s club. Then two meetings this morning to help me move away from all the shite not ofmaking me a living! Stay tuned, exciting times ahead, living a live of passion and not the crap of 2015!-Facebook post

Since that post, I pulled down the shutters on some aspects of what I called a “Business”, a few things aligned to help me focus, half a dozen baby steps in the right direction:

  1. David Kenna gave me a present of a Vision Board development session and that reminded me what I do and do not want, what I will put up with to get it and what is important to me!
  2. In my frustration, I contacted Liz Barron and a couple of other key contest that I respect, because I needed some clarity, to see the wood for the trees ad remind me what was important to me and helped me identify options, Plans A,B and C: Paying the bills, what I want, with whom, for what, when, how, the vision and the “Moonshot”, what if……?
  3. During the wonderful teatime in the pub, I got a text from a friend, asking if I would be interested in the GM/Co-ordinator role in a new children’s charity…. a part time, payable role! Yeah! Right up my street, where I can deliver on the depth of knowledge I have in so many areas and tiring into her passion for the subject!
  4. I visited my cousin, a gifted Acupuncturist, who said “what is going on?” and then asked me to spend the week taking fifteen minutes to breathe/relax/meditate morning and evening, to clear out the noise basically!
  5. I replied to Vincent Byrne‘s (Business consultant, Facilitator, Coach) monthly newsletter  entitled “Momentum is the key” and met him this morning. Another great meeting and the Eureka Moment, that I did not have a business at all, I just continually searched to deliver something for someone at the rate they wanted!

    Vincent Byrne what a business looks like
    A business is a system of Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Finance.
  6. I want to go to a conference in Barcelona at the end of the month and I am disappointed that I may not be able, but then got asked to spend a week in Frankfort on a project with probably my favourite client and best friend!

So, come along the journey if you want, the next step is identifying the who, what, when, how and how much.

You will be getting the free version of what will become the ebook and training course; “How to take a middle age crisis and turn it into a business!”.

As Vincent said, “what you are selling/training on is not different, but you are, your experiences, your mistakes” and I was delighted when he said he had made them too.

Recognising a Pyramid Scheme

This is always a worry and I just got an alert from Google about a company in Canada, only to realise they were operating here.  I had not heard of them:

How to recognise a Pyramid.
A Pyramid?

In a nutshell, if there is not a customer buying something, it is a pyramid.  But this ones difficult to spot.  The website above is still up and although simplistic, it makes a good case.

“A visitor to the Banners Broker website would be told of an operation that would allow the viewer to advertise their product or services online, themselves become an online publisher in partnership with Banners Broker, or — in a “unique operation” – both buy and sell advertising space in a way that would allow the profits from selling the space to third parties offset (and then some) the cost of buying advertising from Banners Broker for the investor’s own product or service,” she said in a recent court affidavit.

She found that, unlike other online advertising ventures, the Banners Broker investor did not just rent a fixed space on a website and then earn revenue from the audited internet traffic the hosting website generated.

“Instead, before a banner could start to earn money for an investor, Banners Broker insisted the investor had to take steps to “qualify” the banner,” she said.

“This required a minimum number of ‘traffic hits’ to be earned depending on the panel category the banner belonged to. Those ‘traffic hits’ could be earned by the investor making referrals to Banners Broker or by directly purchasing the “traffic hits”, which was in essence paying for the banner to start generating revenue.”

Novice investors were tempted in by the fact that, initial packages did not have to be qualified and so, for every $10 in advertising that person bought, they would soon find they had earned $20 as a “publisher”. However, they would have to automatically have to re-invest at least half the money. However, after a couple of rounds of that they would have to start “qualifying”.

“Needless to say, with such a seemingly profitable scheme, many early investors saw the advantage of fully reinvesting their money, adding new money, upgrading to a more expensive panel of banners and referring other investors to the program,” said Ms Judd. “Once hooked, Banners Broker’s earning structure would encourage investors to pay more in real money to the company and recruit more investors or customers who, in turn, could be lured onto the same treadmill.”

She found that throughout the scheme, operators Chris Smith and Rajiv Dixit and their associated corporations had investors pay their investment money to merchant account providers, legitimate corporations that processed credit card payments.

“Those funds were then diverted by the suspects and their associated corporations to various offshore and other bank accounts. controlled by them,” Ms Judd said. “Except for limited window dressing to promote their fraudulent scheme, there was no bona fide advertising publishing operation and the investors were being misled as to the source and nature of their profits.”

Marketing Service Design?

Marketing Service Design:

“…machines still call for human expertise to be guided and tuned to work well. The end result won’t be to take humans out of the equation, but to make the process more efficient and ensure individuals can focus on higher value work – roles that will be more about marketing service design rather than preparing campaigns and collateral.” From “Top 100 Agencies 2015”.

Selling Solutions
People, Process Technology

My prospects have been coming to this conclusion. I work with a lot of experts in areas like branding, coding, development. I can do a bit of everything, but clients want me to focus on their Marketing Service.

I want to create the process to free me for this higher value work, being with the customer, converting their wants into the marketing service. I am told, what I do really well is listen (I know those who know me well will be surprised to hear that), I listen and convert that to words for websites, brochures, but my words are to help you sell, to get more business, more margin.

I need to time to think and that has to be paid for, but when the client wants to ay for an outcome, like a website, I have to ask the questions:

  1. Where are you trying to get to?
  2. Where are you now?
  3. What is stopping you?

Then I come up with the elements of

  • people,
  • process and
  • technology

to develop a solution, but the implementation takes so much time. And the project management and account management elements take a lot of time, time which is hard to charge for in the context of doing a website or the application for an online trading voucher for a local enterprise office.

So I need my own process better defined so I can improve the specification for what you want to deliver! Because I have to eat too and every situation is different,

  • every client ultimately wants more business,
  • every client is their own best salesman,
  • every client is the best person to write posts for their own social media

But they have not got the time.  I have a handful of clients who have realised this and are moving towards seeing

  • me as a value being around the table with them,
  • as a value to help them get more business,
  • as a value to deliver a marketing service

just like the outsourced accountancy service, or cleaning service, or car leasing, what else do you not need to be the expert in and let other people deliver for you?

Now, “Show me the Money” and let me get on with it.

Do you need a Selling Solution?

This site will talk about the experiences of Robert Moloney and his Selling Solutions over the last 12 years, since leaving Cara, the Computer People.

Robert Moloney
Robert Moloney Selling Solutions
  • Who we help.
  • What we fix.
  • How we do it.
  • The people who benefit, typical customer: 
  • Owner/Manager, SME based in Ireland, doing business here or abroad, had it right one time, wants to get back there.
  • The impact of our help (Fixing your problems)

Where are you now?

Where are you trying to get to?

What is stopping you?

From the work I have done over the last 25 years, I am a good or quite good at a lot of things, but, with Daniel involved, we are really, really good at helping people to get more sales!!!!

 This is what we specialise in, what is your speciality?

  • What three things do you want your customer to know that you can fix?
  • Know, Like, trust, these are the three keys to unlocking opportunity amongst your customers and contacts.
    • Trade teaching, tips, information and advice
    • Develop confidence and trust
    • To open up specific problems, requests for help, more teaching and advice,
    • allowing your prospects to realise you are affordable for what they need.

Now apply this to Digital Marketing!

Your shop window, just on the internet!

Good Service? Fast Service? Cheap Service? Pick Two!

You choose
You can have any two

The old adage is SO true: You get what you pay for!

And when I saw a old friend, Garry Connolly, had posted this n LinkedIn, I had to have my say.

We have all done tenders, and we know the usual advice is to get rid of the dearest and the cheapest.  So why do we, do you, quote cheap instead of value?

I met a guy recently, who charges a HUGE margin, but he gives great perceived value!  So it is worth the fee he charges because of the results he gets.

So what do you want?

If you want a good service, you might get it cheap, if you are prepared to wait.

If you want the best service, cheap, now, go somewhere else, where you think you are getting what you want!

Here is a link to a Blog about what I am doing for people at the moment, the services I am providing.