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The 4 Enablers of Engagement: Moving up Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

I put an article up on LinkedIn: Regarding the 4 Enablers of Engagement in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: When I first saw Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it immediately resonated with me, but how do you move people along it?  The original article outlines how to get employees more engaged and I compare that to network marketing. Enablers […]

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Recognising a Pyramid Scheme

This is always a worry and I just got an alert from Google about a company in Canada, only to realise they were operating here.  I had not heard of them: In a nutshell, if there is not a customer buying something, it is a pyramid.  But this ones difficult to spot.  The website above […]

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Marketing Service Design?

Marketing Service Design: “…machines still call for human expertise to be guided and tuned to work well. The end result won’t be to take humans out of the equation, but to make the process more efficient and ensure individuals can focus on higher value work – roles that will be more about marketing service design […]

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