What are you doing now Robbie?

My Social media posts over the last couple of months have prompted many of my friends to ask me this question!

A lot of posts are from events about selling, owner managers growing their businesses, social media, social selling and then a whole load about me making movies!

The OsKaRs were great fun, the money wasn’t great, but I got a couple of sales leads, so if they convert, then my hourly rate goes up and I had an amazing time helping GAA clubs and organisations fund raise.  I love drinking GAA club Tea and eating their sandwiches.  It is an organisation I know a lot about, because I have been in it since I was 17, I have played at all club levels in Football and I have run the All Ireland Football 7s for Kilmacud Crokes (i know, good clubmen are saying “jumped up little sh1t!”, because it takes club and hundreds of volunteers over many months to run a national seven’s competition.  But I was responsible, I had to get it back on track, I had to get the maximum coverage for the brand and I did it).

For the last ten years, I have helped the Owner Manager get more business. Now, I am about to launch the next phase of that, a partnership with my Nephew, my Godson, in socialfitz.ie where we will manage a client’s digital presence.

Manage a client’s digital presence, what the hell does that mean?

We are bringing the gift of free time to the Owner Manager! We will help you get more business using on and offline solutions, people, process and technology. Key in this is your Digital Presence:

  • how you appear online,
  • what you do with it, your website,
  • Google ranking and email marketing,
  • your complete digital presence.

Selling Solutions

And we do it as a monthly service charge through socialfitz.ie so you don’t have any PRSI/PAYE or capital cost implications and it allows us time to process Grant Aid if we can get it.


So, we help you get more sales leads, more sales to allow you spend more quality time on your business and more quantity time with your family (I stole that from Pat Slattery!) or playing Golf, whatever it is you want out of all of this.

The client symptoms will be:
  • don’t have a website
  • the website doesn’t do anything for them
  • the website is out of date
  • the website is crap, a website can look good and be crap or it can be good on this tool and look a mess!!!
  • they were SOLD a website, it cost them a few grand, and it needs to be done again!!!!  That really pisses them off.
  • They have heard about ecommerce and want to get in on it
  • they do lead generation, but only during working hours
  • they think their target market is too big and don’t know how to address it
  • GDPR worries them
  • When they want to change something on their website, they get screwed over.
  • They need leads
  • they have no one to add info to the website.
  • social media doesn’t work
  • their facebook and twitter pages haven’t had a post on them for 18 months
  • they want to rank on Google
  • they think they should be using adwords
  • should we be advertising on linkedin, facebook
  • we should have an instagram page
  • they don’t appear on google maps
  • they have problems with email
  • They have heard there is funding available from the LEO.  Be careful with this, it takes a lot of effort to come up with a spec, go to the arket, meet three bidders, choose one, present to the LEO, then work with a supplier, pay them and draw down the funds.  It is time consuming and takes time to get the funding in place.  Selling Solutions can provide that service for a fee.
How about we take all these problems away and provide a single monthly service charge?  No PAYE/PRSI costs, no holiday cover, no insurance, no responsibility for staff, just a budget for a monthly service?
No capital budget required.
Why not have a look at socialfitz.ie and contact us for a chat?
What have you got to lose?