What I do

So “What are you doing?”

  • Help for the Owner Manager to get more business!
  • I remove obstacles.  I free the Owner Manager to do what you do, because I do what I do!
  • Where do you get your leads?
  • How do you like to sell?
  • The internet, what does it do for you? What should it do for you? What have the Agencies and suppliers been telling you? I will tell you what they have NOT been telling you, because I will be putting you in touch directly with their suppliers!  The trusted experts around the world who do the work, specialists in their field, paid by the hour, paid for producing top quality work.

I am the “Glue” that brings it altogether!

I am currently focussing on three areas:

  1. Digital Manager: There is huge scepticism amongst Owner Managers about the internet. They know they should be doing something, but what? How? Who do you trust? ME! You pay me a monthly fee and I look after it all, from strategy, on and offline, to selecting providers (local and international, experts on the areas you need and just on a pay by hour or project basis). Why not make me a coffee and see what we could do?
  2. LaptopAngel.ie Hi spec Mac kit preconfigured with software for streaming or your tem designer. Video?
  3. Websites, email, hosting, support from €50 a week! Or I will guide you through the LEO grant process. The beauty is, that I will handle it all!
knx-tech.ie knx gira

KNX building control & automation, Designer sockets & Switches


sellingsolutions.ie website form €50

Your new website, email, hosting, domain name and business support from €247 a month.


Laptop Angel, not a lap dancing club!

Rent Laptops, Macbook, iMac preconfigured with creative or streaming software

Terms and conditions:

  • I work with the people that get me, I have informed, nice, conversations with the rest!
  • I don’t have competition, I work with many, many people who are experts in what they do, so we all help the client make money and we do too!
  • I get paid or I do not work, simple, no falling out, if you don’t want me, don’t pay me!
  • I don’t do confrontation (and can no longer get on a football pitch to get into a row!).
  • What value can I bring to you? What is that worth to you? How much could you make, having me do what I do? Then that is what you pay me!

God, I hope that does not seem so arrogant as it looks from here!

Best bet, let us meet and have a coffee, if you are not saying, after an hour, “stop talking, I want to pay you for this”, then I am not the man you are looking for. And yes, I talk too much too! But when I listen, I listen intently!

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